Our ideas

What attracts visitors to a particular website? What makes them spend time becoming familiar with each section, studying and reading about all features, goods or services ? It's an original idea ! Original ideas in web site development is a highly prized, special kind of art. We understand this, and offer all our customers unique, innovative and completely personalized ideas. This is very valuable and important, and you and your web site visitors will see the effects in person, with our special design created just for you.

High performance

Customers value their personal time, and don't like to wait. They can easily withdraw from a purchase, or quit viewing your blog or content, if the web site is not working quickly and properly. Slow opening pages, incorrect content display on different browsers and on different screen sizes can all scare away the most interested customers and visitors. We will not let this happen ! We know how to create a high performance web site using our superior knowledge and web development skills.

Support on completion of the project

It is important to create a unique resource with original ideas, displayed correctly and work quickly on any modern device. Its also important to monitor the service in the future and to maintain relevance of all content, regularly and for the important holiday shopping season. We stand ready to update the design, and add new custom functions, including third party resources, quickly and efficiently by our staff.

Highly qualified staff

Our creative team of programmers and designers, work together with the highest degree of professionalism to create a successful website, for you and your customers. Let the staff at Webmargin create the perfect website for you and increase your business success today !

Our company was established in early 2013, and we have kept the same experienced staff since the organization of our ambitious enterprise. This stability is very important for the success of our operation. By working together, our dedicated staff members are able to understand ideas perfectly then seamlessly integrate every part of this work into a single, integrated design.

Over the past year, the coordinated efforts of our staff have led to the creation of twenty high quality, unique web sites. These successful web sites are of different complexity and subjects. Our unique company can create a completely new web site for your business. Plus we offer web site administration, programming, and editing of existing sites as well. Just watch our fantastic staff increase the efficiency of your current web site and update all content.

In 2014, our team created a new logo and completed an extensive redesign of the web site. Check out our fantastic new updates, and see for yourself.

Regardless of the scope, subject matter, or difficulty of your desired site, our well-organized team can easily cope with the task. When we create a website, we provide unique, personalized ideas that are guaranteed to make your life instantly recognizable. Our professional staff is fast and efficient - saving you time and money!

We believe that it's illogical to spend money to create a resource, but fail to properly promote your business. Our skilled employees can upgrade the operation of your site by using the most advanced and effective promotion methods. By combining (SERP’s) search engine results page with (SEO) search engine optimization, you will get quick results from our advertising and promotion ideas, so don’t hesitate to contact us!

Today, most active internet users have accounts in many different social networks, and the number of these clients is increasing every day. It would be a mistake not to take advantage of these networks for attracting attention to your service, products or web site. We are experts at organized promotion, and able to stage the promotion so that it looks natural, without the work of an outside agency. This method of promotion has proven to be very effective attracting customers and visitors to your web site.

We know that it's important to ensure your web content is available every minute on the worldwide web. The Webmargin staff checks and updates all the information for accuracy and relevance, providing technical support and site administration every day. We make sure your web site is operational 24 hours a day on any device, and works on any browser. Through timely administration, we will add the latest news and nformation to your site, archiving information or removing it if necessary. Our goal is to provide the highest quality service and administration of your web site - giving you tangible results from all our work.

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Our price

Site design

  • Creation of website design. Available with 1 design layout of the main page, approved by the customer. Internal pages design is also approved by the customer.
  • We translate design layout in a set of html pages and css styles.
    • A logo that can be used on your website. Not suitable for printing advertising products.
    • Ideal for use on the website, printed and advertising production of any kind.

Content Management System

  • The ability to create text pages, that can be root, or nested in any other existing page.
  • The ability to add goods and disturb them to directories.
    • Standard features of goods: name, price, brief text description text description, image (for resize image under the desired settings, the system is responsible) + meta tags.
    • The ability to hide goods, without deleting. In this case it will not be shown on the website (there will be no url on the site, but if you put it in manually you will be able to see it).
    • A personal page for each product, that has all its characteristics and enlarged image.
    • Additional features that can be added by connection of additional modules.
    • The ability to add any feature to the product, establish a list of possible values of this characteristic.
    • The ability to add feedback to the goods. Handling responses to the goods is similar to the responses in the separate module.
    • The ability to add photos to the category (system is responsible for resize). Pictures are displayed in pages. When you click on the picture its size increases without leaving the page.
    • The ability to create a system of albums. The albums can be categorized. Pictures are displayed in pages, as the products. When you click on the picture its size increases without leaving the page. For each album there is a separate page.
  • The ability to add images in .jpg, .png or .gif format.
    • The ability to hide the banner, without deleting it.
    • Whe order of banner withdraw can be simply changed.
    • Depending on the design banner can be devided into several blocks.
  • Can be placed on the main or secondary pages. The change of pictures can be adjusted to be manual or automatic. Images are added through the admin pannel. This service includes the rendering of three images.
  • This option allows to search content on the website by entering the search phrase in a special field.

Additional catalogue modules

    • You can hide reviews without deleting them.
    • The order of reviews can be changed in the admin panel.
    • All user reviews are hidden by default.
    • The ability to edit reviews.
    • The possibility to automatically generate the xls file with the list of goods and their prices.
    • You can choose the goods that will appear in the pricelist.
  • The possibility to create a list of characteristics of products and set their values in the product card. This module is required for filtration of goods.
  • We add a filter that can be used to find goods on the basis of their characteristics. This function can be used for both the whole website and its directories.
  • Possibility to add an item to the list of comparison.

Publication modules

  • An option, that gives the opportunity to add news.
    • Parameters: title, date, short description.
    • Paging is similiar to the goods catalogue.
    • News are not divided by sections.
    • The ability to hide news without deleting them.
    • Optional function that gives the possibility to add images to news.
    • A separate page is created for each news.
  • An option, that gives the opportunity to add articles.
    • Parameters: title, date, short description.
    • Paging is similiar to the goods catalogue.
    • Articles are not divided by sections.
    • The ability to hide articles without deleting them.
    • Optional function that gives the possibility to add images to articles.
    • A separate page is created for each article.
  • An option, that gives the opportunity to add promo actions.
    • Parameters: title, date, short description.
    • Paging is similiar to the goods catalogue.
    • Promo actions are not divided by sections.
    • The ability to hide promo actions without deleting them.
    • Optional function that gives the possibility to add images to promo actions.
    • A separate page is created for each promo action.

Communication modules

  • A feedback form with the fields: name, email, telephone, message.
  • The possibility to add questions and answer them, using the admin panel.
    • An option, that allows to hide the question without deleting it.
    • The order of questions can be changed via admin panel.
    • By default all user questions are hidden and con not be moderated.
    • An option that allows to edit the question.
    • You can hide reviews without deleting them.
    • The order of reviews can be changed in the admin panel.
    • All user reviews are hidden by default.
    • The ability to edit reviews.
  • A form that allows the customer to send his contact info with a request to call him back.

Online-shop modules

  • Users can choose the necessary goods and put them in his basket. When choosing a product, the user specifies its amount (additional features are possible). After it he can edit his choice and make an order by filling a special form. You can see users orders in special "orders" section in the admin system. There is a special notification module, which can be added on request.
  • The implementation of the personal account system for users. The basic functionality includes order history and autocomplete function for orders. Additional features can be added on request.
  • This module allows users to use ROBOKASSA service for online payments on the website. It's possible to add any other customer system. The price and terms in such a case are to be discussed separately.

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In 1947, the Research Laboratory of Bell Laboratories (owned by AT&T) has proposed to create a mobile phone.

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